Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cabinetry done! Rendering Prep'd

Well its looking like another action packed week might be in order yet!

Turned up this afternoon to find the benches in and the kitchen being finished. All the edging has been done for the rendering and there's a pallet of render goodness ready to go, so hopefully when i turn up tomorrow morning for the driveway sizeup they'll be into that and the rest of the skirting boards. Nearly ready for paint!

Anywho, took a stack of photo's.

Twin vanity in the ensuite. Yumo

Master bedroom, bench extended to window as per "the bosses" instructions

Laundry bench and drop in tub

Massive linen cupboard in the activity room

Looking from activity into the front two kids rooms

Patio pillars prep'd for rendering

More readiness

Hidden render goodness

Aww letterbox is ready to be rendered, how cute

Roller door auto unit

Door handles, not a fan really

View of kitchen from family room, with the kids and the oldies, mission just to look at the house..

View of kitchen from dining room

Close up of the diamondgloss, yum

View from the front, Hi Mum!

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  1. Hi,

    I read on a forum that you used Polytec for your kitchen - is the case? We're looking at getting our kitchen redone and Polytec is one of our options, but I've heard such conflicting things about it. Is your kitchen looking good after 5years? How does it go with the heat?