Monday, September 28, 2009

Shed Finished & PCI CLose

No pics sorry, but I have the shed keys now so can start moving all of my outside junk across.

PCI date will be set tomorrow, but should be Tuesday the 13th.

All that remains to be done on the house is the builders clean, tiling seal, carpet, air con finish, hot water system install, water tank install & then the landscaping.

So at this stage we'll have the house the week of my birthday.

Might take some photos Wednesday when Im fiddling round with the shed power cabling.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stenciling, Shed & Internal Fitouts

Really there's not much left to go. The shed should be done on Sunday or Monday, and Im guessing the rest should be done next week and ready for PCI, few weeks early. Yay

Lots of pics anyway. Concrete stenciling has started, and the colour is GOLD. Little worried going off the colour sheet but on the ground its perfect and the concreters have recovered pretty well.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Concrete & Tiles In Progress

Pathways and tiling well under way. Most things are going well.....

Shed bits delivered, yipee. Shed slab should be poured Saturday all going well. Maybe ill have a shed next week? Now that would be exciting!

This is called im a concrete cutter, i fail at the obvious.... The gutter has been cut, for a single width driveway. We have a double width driveway. so like we're going to have concrete 1.5m either side of the driveway entrance to look nice? WTF are you doing IDIOT! Lets hope they get that fixed before pouring. RETARD.

Some bad photo's of the internal tiling under way. Tiles are a really nice chocolate with a cool liney swirl through them. Nothing like what the photo's show them to be.

Extra big shower for ensuite. Nice

Friday, September 4, 2009

Painting Nearly Done

Feature walls finished, all other internal painting done I think, and only the entry way to be done.
Tiling starting next week and then we're onto the fit out stage :-)