Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bricking Complete, & Plaster Started

Spent yesterday at the house putting in the insulation, network cabling & stereo cabling. I think for most of the day there about 15 workmen on site. Brickies, fencers, electricians, plumbers and other random people calling through from time to time. Crazy. Brickies did 3/4 of the work on Wednesday, went back today and the brickwork is finished, including the letterbox. The fencing down the left side has been finished and the colour is awesome. What we didnt expect was the plasterers to be there, let alone have done a fair chunk of the walls and ceiling. I did want to get some photo's of the ducting but they'd already covered it all up! Guess its not a bad thing.

Some pics

Looking in through the side window towards the kitchen / dining rooms

Looking into activity room from Bedroom 1, plasterer in action

Ensuite gyprock in already..

Garage with gyprock and one of the 5 or 6 man plastering crew in action

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